Jester Challenge 2010
Zaretsly and McDougallIron men, the Jester Challenge sailors, 30' boats, no fees, no rules, just sailing across the Atlantic from Plymouth, UK to Newport, R.I. An hour and a half separated the top two finishers Zarestsky, left, Peterson 25 and McDougal, right, Wharram 21 after 33 days of racing.

There are nine boats still sailing

The tracks and positions of boats reporting can be viewed on, the tradionalists remain in stealth mode.

1st      Igor Zaretskiy on The Grand, a Peterson 25,
      Arrived 26.06.10 @0200 EST. 33 days 19 hours.
2nd.    Rory McDougall on Cooking Fat, a Wharram Tiki 21
      Arrived 26.06.10 @ 0300 EST. 33 days 20 hours 30 mins.
3rd.     Roger Fitzgerald on Ella Trout III, a Dehler 29.
       Arrived 27.06.10 @ 17.31.59 UTC. 34 days.

Moer as info becomes available...

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