Beach Cruisers
 TX200, OBX130, FL110, Everglades Challenge, and numerous similar events have brought both interest and focus to the new breed of beach cruiser designs ..read post..
The Bay...
Very happy to have made it sailing on the Chesapeake Bay this year. Truly a 'bucket list' item. Keeping the boat near the West River - a nice piece of the Bay indeed. Great area for gunk-holing and the easy lifestyle.
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Pine Tree 150
Preliminary planning for a small sail raid event in New England.
Big thanks to OarClub member Chris Mullins - looks like it will be a near replica of the Maine (the Pine Tree state) cruise he documented.
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The new Uber boats
Thinking outside the box - some really exciting creations find their way into the domain of small cruisers and raid event boats. To think there's an alternative to the 4ksb is abhorrent! Be abhorred
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Classe Quindici (15)

A class for small boat builders, designers, tinkerers, inventors.

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Micro Multihulls
Small boats are challenging for weeking cruising - because of low speed it's not easy to cover miles. An alternative - a micro multihull to expand your range. ..read post..
My special trimaran
After firts launchThis is the special boat - a rehab of a Lock Crowther designed Twiggy-class trimaran. She's 32 feet long and 30 feet wide.
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Florida Keys
The Florida Keys are a great cruising ground - know the rules - get the local knowledge - meet the local sailors - eat the local cuisine - and have fun. From my stint in the Keys - here's a thumbnail of one of the spots where I was able to spend some time. ..read post..
Good Examples
Judy and Tom Cox are good examples for serious cruisers. They've documented their Bahamas and Abacos cruises -there's a lot to learn here...
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The Rocky Rail
The cruising sailors friend - a self tacking jib. This design can be adapted to most boats with little problem and a few simple modifications.
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Jester Challenge 2010
Zaretsly and McDougallIron men, the Jester Challenge sailors, 30' boats, no fees, no rules, just sailing across the Atlantic from Plymouth, UK to Newport, R.I. An hour and a half separated the top two finishers Zarestsky, left, Peterson 25 and McDougal, right, Wharram 21 after 33 days of racing. ..read post..
Yet another perfect boat...
And her name is?Will I ever tire of changing boats like they were old socks? I don't think so.  I recently found a very nice example of the S2 built 6.9 series boats. The pro's and con's are interesting... ..read post..
Kid stuff
Sistership Ramblings on a memorable cruise with my then 13 yr old daughter. A 25 year old story, but it makes me smile when I remember those sweet days... ..read post..
Where does the $7.00 go?
UK Gas PricesCourage is the dearest commodity - when no one has any.  So, let's ask the question: Who gets the money when government fails to step up and do what's needed. ..read post..
Regatta Time
Russ Brown's proa It's Abacos Regatta Time again: 1st week of July. Go to RTIA-2010 for more info. Damn it we just gotta get there one of these days.
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The Bahamas
My hammockMy first dream is to have a home in Ireland - second is being able to cruise several months a year in the Bahamas. ..read post..
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